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Range of products which can be installed on local machine, web server and mobile platforms . AXtec has developed products for wide range of use . Presented are most widely used products from our repository .

directory-iconBusiness Directory

Indian Business Directory with large content of business details . It is very easy to list business profile. Our business directory is available at www.bharathlisting.com, which is one of the growing business directories in India. Recent alexa traffic shows, this is getting more popular among users who search for a business or shop near their city

q-a-iconQuestion & Answer

Very basic question and answer portal with point system. Students can add questions and tutors can post answers on questions. To read the answer, a student must spend some points asked by the tutor . To gain points, a student or tutor can spend some money . This is very basic website which support both google plus and facebook login . When stude

gpstracker-iconGPS Tracker

Simple android application to track our location and travel history . This application is useful for marketing companies, cargo services etc to track where their employees or vehicles going . Daily travel report is available on a web interface . Each account on the web application should have an option to create mobile units provided with username

cake-seller-iconCakes Seller

It is now easy to set an online shop for selling cakes and accept payment . Our simplified cake seller application makes you to start your store in minutes . This e-commerce platform is developed in PHP and MYSQL, so that you can install and use on your web server . User Side http://www.axtecindia.com/productdemo/cakesite/ Admin Side


Very simple billing solution for small shops . It is a web based application which can be installed on local machine at shop or web server . Features include, products, stock count, sales and bill generation . This application will store all bills given to a customer . Version 1(Stock Information not Available) http://www.axtecindia.com/produ

multi-converter-iconMulti Converter

Simple android app to convert measurements from one unit to other. Very simple interface and more useful conversion units added. This application is available for android platform only. Available in google play store for free . https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.axdev.multiconverter

book-shop-iconBook Store

It is easy to set up an online book store with our "Book Store" script . It will take only 5 minutes to start the book shop online . It is provided with very simple and elegant design which suits for a book shopping website . For more details, check our product details . User Side http://www.axtecindia.com/productdemo/onlinebookstore/ Admin

project_management_iconFreelance PMTOOL

Easily manage your projects and clients through web based Project Management Software . This software is designed for individual designer or developer (freelancers) to handle their clients and projects online. PM TOOLS is very simple in operation , both clients and freelancer has access to projects and messages passed in between them. Simplify life

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